Basic Info

Genre: EDM / Electro House/Club House/Big Room/
Hometown: Hamburg
Record Label: (FHR) Franconia Hard Records / Studio 68 Records


DJ Scarpe (born as Karsten Scarpati May, 1968 in Hamburg, Germany) is a German EDM/ Electro House DJ& Producer. He is also an Artist of the German label Studio 68 Records & FH Records.

Scarpe`s musical education began at age 13 with drum and keyboard lessons. Later he took over the management of the therapeutic music group of youth eV in Hamburg and played drums and keyboard .. Later he switched to computer because the drums that was not what he was looking for. In 1996 he started with music programs such as Dance Machine or Magix Music Maker.

Finally, he rose up to other programs such as Fruity Loops, which he produced trance pieces - so a music style with some very different from today's music. These tracks he then published on websites such as myownmusic (former or virtual volume and made them accessible to a wider audience. He took the feedback to heart, and soon took its first demo CD (One Night in Paris), with whom he inquired at several record labels, which was never published.

Soon after K.Külbel brought his first single "This Is What You Need (Original Mix)" out by his stage name TheReflector on deck Shark Records. As a remixer, he submitted revisions for Future Boy, Ivan Carsten and other artists.

In the 90s he began with the laying on, he started with Hands Up, Trance and Hard Trance.
After some time, he realized that is his great love Hardstyle and he extended his styles. Today he hangs up almost exclusively Hardstyle, Hard Trance & Hardcore and Dutch House.
He is known for tough yet melodic sound.
Heated at various events he has a tidy the Partycrowdz.
Since March 2010, has moved to the Nuremberg area and we can look forward to the upcoming Brutal Beatz with him.
His favorite style is clearly the driving Baseline.


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